Caregiver Corner

NB Pay Equity Group Cries Foul

The NBHSA is pleased to announce that a Bereavement Leave benefit negotiated with the NB Government is now available for home support employees working with Social Development clients

Pay Equity Payments for the Home Support Workers in New Brunswick

Benefits Package and Compensation Package for Home Support Workers

NBHSA President Responds to Home Care Workers September 23, 2011

Symptoms of Caregiver Stress

Compassion Fatigue Article
This article explores the issue of compassion fatigue and suggests ways to deal with the stress that comes from a career in caring.

Fight Flu
Flu symptoms and information

Making the Home Safe for Home Support Workers
This brochure is published by WorkSafe BC and is aimed at clients and encouraging them to keep their home safe for their home support worker.

CCC Begins Consultations on Framework for a Canadian Caregiver Strategy
In December 2008, the CCC released A Framework for a Canadian Caregiver Strategy.  The framework shows how all parts of society including the public and private sectors must work together to help achieve the vision for family caregiving in Canada.  Formal consultations with stakeholders will take place over the spring.  Interested parties are invited to download the document at the link below and submit comments to the CCC.


Senior Safety

Seniors can face many difficulties as they grow older. Canada Safety Council provides safety tips to help in the aging process, and what seniors can do to make their home free of safety hazards.